About Us

As a whole, we believe in redefining what it means to be successful when it comes to establishing a prominent presence in an ever-changing business environment. We’re driven to stay ahead of the curve and maintain versatility in the face of new emerging market trends. Through our persistent work ethic and collective experience, we are able to establish a platform in which the pride and due diligence in our work is reflected through the emerging success of our clients.

Although the business industry may be daunting and unpredictable, our journey has allowed us to pick the brains of industry leading experts as well as cultivated important relationships along the way with some powerhouse platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Through the knowledge that we’ve harvested and connections that we’ve built, we maintained a steady course to create a blueprint for success. As we continue to strive for greatness, we’ll remain vigilant in our tasks and grounded to structures that we’ve built around us to provide the optimal service that will lead brands to success.


Industries We Serve


Enter the industry with confidence. Build a structure around your brand that allows you to have a firm foundation for success and growth.


Generate repeatable and steady growth models that allow you to stay innovative as well as effective. Have the opportunity to develop new products with higher potential and lower setbacks.

Grocery + Gourmet Food

Dive in-depth and discover the sought after signature dishes of your customers liking. As you improve your brand, successfully scale your dishes and instructionals online to fund what you love doing.

Health & Personal Care

With expertise in broad market trends in services and product launches, we strategize what we need to integrate and develop to reach your next milestone.

Office Supplies + Electronics

With technology being on a rampant rise in its industry. Our reach across electronics, office hardware, and computers spans the globe.

Packing Materials and Supplies

Make every shipment and delivery with confidence. Smell proof, fragile, thin- or thick- boxes, you name it, we can help supply it.

Our Mission

CE Tuner has been combining technology and statistics to understand the current state of your numbers. We look thoroughly through all your sales funnels along with your traffic funnels. Our business revolves around generating increased sales and traffic in your business. What begun in NYC, NY, we have no spanned across the globe.

We begin with understanding our clients’ brand, vision, and future goals. We plan our campaigns accordingly to get to that end goal quicker.

Our experience

Consumer Products 87%
Automotive 75%
Business Services 63%
Energy + Environment 50%

Our Team

  • Vernon

    Multiplatform Marketing Manager

    Vernon as accumulated experience over the years through trial and error of forging growing companies...

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  • Melissa

    Multiplatform Marketing Expert

    Melissa has successfully spread her knowledge and skills across many on and offline platforms that...

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  • Paulo

    Data Analyst

    Paulo’s experience derives from handling vast amounts of digital data and dealing with intricate...

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  • Brandon

    Client Relations Manager

    Brandon brings the vision and creativity to an industry that is sometimes seen as black and white....

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